“BovaGen has had the privilege of performing the embryo transfer work for Prime 360. The majority of the collections have been done on virgin heifers, with several of the heifers being flushed 6-8 times before breeding to calve. These heifers have exceeded all other breeds of heifers in our practice for the number of embryos collected per flush. And, all heifers have bred to calve after flushing has been completed. From our experience, we believe this breed exhibits tremendous fertility. “Dr. Boyd Bien, BovaGen
“In today’s agricultural world, we need to look at every opportunity to enhance production, cut costs and add value to our current practices! A large segment of today’s food consumers demands higher quality, nutrient-dense food with better flavor. They equate quality, nutrient-rich food with health and quality of life.

Producers that identify with these value-added consumers and gear their production to meet this ever growing demand can capture more profit. In the case of beef production, simply adding high marbling genetics to your selection of genetics in a phenotype compatible to commercial production is an easy choice. Demand for prime grade, finished beef is growing, and the financial return is beyond expectations of the choice grade.”
Dr. Jim Ladlie - Profitproag.com

“I have been involved in most aspects of the cattle business – from cow/calf, to broker, to fattening – for over 40 years and have seen a lot of changes and fads come through. My observations, as I look at many breeds, the Prime 360 Cattle look to be very positive.

First of all, one of the most important factors in the cattle industry is the bottom line. How can we generate more dollars? Value can be measured in many ways, with a balance of all traits, feed efficiency, birth weight, and milk EPD’s, etc. But one area that needs to be considered more, in my opinion, is marbling.

A PRIME 360 carcass is worth a huge premium (starting at $400/hd) and the more consistent the breeding gets, the higher the premium will be! The demand is there and I believe these cattle are developed to do just that!”Keith Eichler