Premiums for Prime

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A significant part of our program, besides utilizing multiple breeds, is the premiums for Prime Grading. All of our offspring are sired by one or the other of the breeds we use to breed the 7/8 Donors at this time. They are not all mixed together.  The IMF’s on all our embryo yearlings this first year ran between 3% and 6% PLUS on bulls and 4% to almost 8% on our heifers. This was from a 48 meg diet on heifers and 51 meg on bulls for 73 days of gain test.
Prime 360 genetics create offspring that gain and grade, but we are also selecting for udders, disposition, and fertility. Longevity comes from great udders, fertility and disposition. Our performance in gain and weight has exceeded our expectations, especially because Japanese cattle are usually perceived to be slow gainers. When you get bulls that weigh 1480 pounds (actual) at a year old, which exceeded our performance goals!
Most importantly, the 7/8 Japanese and 1/8 Red Angus steermates to our donors all graded high Prime. The pay was almost $640.00 over choice!