Improved Breeding for Quality Beef

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Great article on how improved breeding for quality beef gains top prices for producers. Read more here. The heifer pictured is 87.5% Japanese, polled, utilized in ET, and has some of the highest marbling scores in the world!

Cattle Breeder Produces Prime Beef Using Japanese Traits

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A South Dakota cattle breeding operation is making Japanese beef traits available for commercial cattlemen. Prime 360 Beef is merging the best traits of Japanese Akaushi (Vol. 39, No. 4) and Wagyu breeds with leading North American breeds to produce USDA-Prime beef. Currently less than 5 percent of all processed beef grades prime. The company’s goal is to produce calves with the genetic potential to grade prime a high percentage of the time. “We could do it with straight Wagyu and Akaushi breeds, but they don’t have the eye appeal of our North American breeds,” says Jim Nickeson, general manager, …

Introducing TKCC P360B HIGH PRIME

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Introducing TKCC P360B HIGH PRIME (ASA  #3083791), one of the highest IMF purebred Simmental bulls we have found.  We were impressed by the many attributes this unique Purebred Simmental bull could bring to our program.  We are breeding a large amount of Simmental to our Japanese donors to enhance the marketablity of Prime for our customers calves. He excels in front end cleanliness, tight sheath, dimension and overall length. It doesn’t hurt that he is a full ET brother to the champion pen of 3 Simmental this year at the National Western.  He has the disposition of a kitten and his dam …

Why am I not doing this?

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That’s the question you should be asking yourself. If we were standing in your shoes, you definitely have to consider this program not only for the premiums on your beef, but also the insurance of high marbling, good uddered, great disposition and high fertility females that have the potential last an extra 2-3 years longer. The time has come to make that decision. The premiums offered for our Prime 360 Beef calves, along with the salvage value, could pay for a bull in the first year. That potential exists, if you utilized our bulls exclusively.

Premiums for Prime

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A significant part of our program, besides utilizing multiple breeds, is the premiums for Prime Grading. All of our offspring are sired by one or the other of the breeds we use to breed the 7/8 Donors at this time. They are not all mixed together.  The IMF’s on all our embryo yearlings this first year ran between 3% and 6% PLUS on bulls and 4% to almost 8% on our heifers. This was from a 48 meg diet on heifers and 51 meg on bulls for 73 days of gain test. Prime 360 genetics create offspring that gain and grade, but we are also selecting …

Profit from the Consumer Value-Added Food Demands

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Thank you to Dr. Jim Ladlie of for this testimonial: “In today’s agricultural world, we need to look at every opportunity to enhance production, cut costs and add value to our current practices! A large segment of today’s food consumers demands higher quality, nutrient-dense food with better flavor. They equate quality, nutrient-rich food with health and quality of life. Producers that identify with these value-added consumers and gear their production to meet this ever growing demand can capture more profit. In the case of beef production, simply adding high marbling genetics to your selection of genetics in a phenotype compatible to commercial production is an …