“Expand with Marbling”

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This article from Progressive Cattlemen has several educational points, but in particular, we should the quote at the end to be the best! “Tom Brink, formerly with JBS in Greeley, Colorado, says that if you are contemplating increasing the size of your cow herd, then ‘expand with marbling.’ ” Read it here.

Our first Field Day was a success!

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We had a beautiful day on October 7th for our first annual Field Day in Webster, SD. Around 85 people were in attendance and we missed several interested people who had to tend to harvest since the two weeks of rain backed them up. Thank you to all who attended and to Connie Sieh Groop for this article about the event!   Read the full article by Connie here: Premiums reward those raising beef with more prime

Premiums reward those raising beef with more prime

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By Connie Sieh Groop, Freelance Ag Writer conniegroop19@gmail.com Jim Nickeson of Big Stone City is convinced Prime 360 Beef is a way to provide extra dollars on the table utilizing genetics for those in the cattle market. “I think the point is we are leaving a lot of dollars on the table by not utilizing orime generating genetics,” he said. As general manager of the company, he believes consumers will demand higher levels of marbling in beef in the future. “This is a cattle phenotype (Prime 360 Beef) that appeals more to the commercial cattle man,” Nickeson said. “We’ve had …

Join us for a Field Day & Tour on October 7th!

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Prime 360 Beef will be holding a Field Day and Tour on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 starting at The Galley in Webster,  SD at 1:00 PM. We will be showing 200+ head of bred F1 50/50 heifers (all bred to Prime 360 Beef bulls), 80+ head of ET daughters of 7/8 Japanese donors (bred to various high marbling domestic bulls), 300+ head of heifers being finished,  and 50 head of May born steers! These are all at the Todd Vander Linden farm 1.5 miles North of Webster (first road west of Twin Valley tire). Our second stop on the tour is …

Marbling is a Must in the Cattle Business!

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Excerpt from the Red Angus Association’s article on marbling — read the full article here! “The past few weeks served up a poignant reminder that marbling is one of the most important value traits in the beef business. What happened? The Choice-Select price spread exploded to more than $30 per cwt, reaching levels not experienced since 2003. This happened despite the fact that Choice and Prime grading percentages remain very high at near 80 percent of the harvest cattle mix. Cattle are actually grading better than at this time last year, yet the Choice-Select spread is substantially wider.”


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This article was originally posted in Cattle Today and we really thought it spoke volumes of what Prime 360 beef is doing. Read below. BEEF QUALITY — ARE WE THERE YET? by: Miranda Reiman We were bringing a little preschool friend out to our house for the afternoon. She was a town kid and about every three miles, she’d ask, “Are we ALMOST there?” Turns out 12 miles is a really long way when there’s the anticipation of a playdate. But I get it. I like that sense of accomplishment when I’ve “made it.” I’m a list maker and nothing …

Carcass Results!

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It was exciting to get this info. These are the first P360B animals to be processed. Our bid was $1.10 over choice if they graded 70% Prime or better. They hit 80% so we received the premium on all 35 head. This was $937.20 per head over choice when we sold them. Last year we received $582.00 over choice/head. Demand for Prime keeps increasing therefore we are receiving even more than we had hoped to get. Rick G and I presented this info to around 30 commercial producers meeting tonight at a Veterinarian appreciation dinner. Generated a lot of discussion …