Thank you Jon Bender Family from Ashley, North Dakota.

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Thank you to this amazing family that bought our high selling bull this year. The Jon Bender Family from Ashley, North Dakota. Three years ago he also bought the top bull. Great repeat customer family! This family has a very deliberate analyses and a great long term outlook. Very proud of the way they look at things with the whole family involved.

Private Treaty Bull Sale Rescheduled

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We have rescheduled the sale to March 23rd. Unfortunately, we have had too much winter and snow forecast all this next week. We are hoping winter loses it’s grip by then!¬† On a high note! We sent another load to Tyson 34 out of 40 head graded PRIME 85%. Prime 360 bulls are getting the job done. These were all sired by Prime 360 bulls. Prime PAYS!

Internet beef takes advantage of high-end cuts

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Plant-based cuisine was one of the biggest food trends of 2018. At the same time, beef sales were massive. Nielsen has reported that beef saw the biggest change in U.S. sales in the past few years, with almost 11 percent more pounds sold in 2018 than in 2015. Beef consumption is expected to continue to rise, to 58.8 pounds per person in 2019, 2.8 percent higher than last year, according to forecasts from the Cattle Site. While 55 percent of Americans still buy their meat at full-service markets, a growing segment is shifting to the internet to find more specialized …

Select Beef Will Be Phased Out

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Greg Henderson, Drovers, December 6 2018 Extending the decline of Select grade beef into the future, the authors of a new report says Select may be reduced to 5% of beef supplies by 2025. Select grade beef will soon become a small niche product. That’s the conclusion of a new White Paper “Phasing Out Select Grade Beef,” published by the Red Angus Association of America with sponsorship from Anipro/Xtraformance Feeds. The authors noted that as recently as 2006-2007, Select grade beef accounted for 40% of carcasses, but was reduced to 17% to 18% by 2018. Extending the current downward trend …

2018 Private Treaty Bull Sale

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Rick and I welcome you to our third year of privately selling our ET bulls. As we go through our bulls, ET heifers, and your calves from last year in the finishing pens, it is humbling to see the culmination of our past 8 years of developing high marbling genetics with other options included. All of the bulls are located 1.5 miles north of Webster, SD at the Todd Vander Linden Farm and Feedlot. We will have a lunch available on March 7th. We have 14 coming 3-year olds, 30 coming 2-year olds, 19 18-month olds, and 62 yearlings available …

Winter in South Dakota

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We are planning on holding our third annual Private Treaty bull sale this spring, dates to be announced soon! In the meantime, we are trying to stay warm and keep the cattle fed.

Selling 4 Heifers in SD Simmental Source Sale

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We have consigned 4 outstanding heifers to the 2017 SD Simmental Source Sale on Saturday, December 16th in Mitchell, SD! Please view our For Sale page for more information about the offering. View our for sale page for more information and photos.