Join us for a Field Day & Tour on October 7th!

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Prime 360 Beef will be holding a Field Day and Tour on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 starting at The Galley in Webster,  SD at 1:00 PM. We will be showing 200+ head of bred F1 50/50 heifers (all bred to Prime 360 Beef bulls), 80+ head of ET daughters of 7/8 Japanese donors (bred to various high marbling domestic bulls), 300+ head of heifers being finished,  and 50 head of May born steers! These are all at the Todd Vander Linden farm 1.5 miles North of Webster (first road west of Twin Valley tire).
Our second stop on the tour is at Josh Gaikowski Feedlot where there are almost 500 head of F1 steers who are brothers to many of the heifers. These will be close to two months ready for harvest. This place is located seven miles north and two miles west of the stop light intersection of Webster/Highway 12, in case we have left first stop!
Then we will hear from Dr. Kris Ringwall of the NDSU Extension Research Center from Dickinson, ND and Dr. Boyd Bien of BovaGen (the embryos transplant center we use for all ET work). The location is still TBD.
Closing out the day, we will grilling on one of the most fascinating, tip-over grills that is new and now on the market (we try to think out of the box)! Plus the steaks are exquisite – prime, aged 30-45 days, 16 oz New York Strips grading an 8+ on the Japanese scale of 1-12, which is ABOVE USDA prime beef. We will also be announcing a special partnership plan on our bred cows and bred heifers that you will be seeing on the tour. Bring a friend that might be interested in joining our family of producers. You will get to meet and discuss our program with our clients.
Call Jim at 605-651-3636 to reserve your spot!

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