Introducing TKCC P360B HIGH PRIME

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Introducing TKCC P360B HIGH PRIME (ASA  #3083791), one of the highest IMF purebred Simmental bulls we have found.  We were impressed by the many attributes this unique Purebred Simmental bull could bring to our program.  We are breeding a large amount of Simmental to our Japanese donors to enhance the marketablity of Prime for our customers calves. He excels in front end cleanliness, tight sheath, dimension and overall length. It doesn’t hurt that he is a full ET brother to the champion pen of 3 Simmental this year at the National Western.  He has the disposition of a kitten and his dam is thought to be one of the elite donors in the breed. His sire, Pilgrim, does not lack credibility either! Another point in our quest was to lower the frame somewhat in our ET program and with his 5.5 frame and 6.87 % IMF offspring, we should be headed in a direction the Simmental breed has longed for.