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Prime 360 is the utilization of five North American beef breeds crossed with high marbling, maternal and polled bred up Japanese Reds, creating genetics that increase profit for cattlemen. Our basic intent is to produce breeding stock that will lift our commercial breeders calves potential into the prime grade for the premiums offered by either the branded programs or the grid. Prime grade can bring from 15 to 40 cents over choice at times.

The Prime grade has been an elusive marker in breeding beef. Certified Angus Beef (CAB) has long held the belief in consumer’s minds that it is the utmost in quality, however only about 8 % of its beef is graded Prime. The nation’s cowherd ranks far below that at about 1.5 % prime. The composites that Prime 360 is building creates and utilizes the most of the best in carcass and Maternal traits.

With the unheralded fertility, udders and dispositions selected, we foresee adding 2-4 years of productive life in replacements. With the inherent carcass attributes an even higher % of Prime $$$ to the bottomline!


Rick Gruneich

Rick Gruneich

Chief Executive Officer
1414 Salem Lane SW
Rochester, MN 55902

Benefits of Highly Marbled Beef

As cattle fatten and marbling increases, the fat becomes healthier because there is a replacement of saturated fats with oleic acid. Oleic acid reduces cardiovascular disease & has a protective association against breast cancer.

Consumption of higher levels of monosaturated fatty acids, in conjunction with reduced levels of saturated fatty acids, lowers levels of undesirable LDL blood cholesterol without decreasing the desirable HDL cholesterol levels.

Finally, marbling in beef improves the flavor and consumer experience. The animal can be modified naturally to increase the marbling. Many large retailers are also asking for more high end beef products.

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